“When Money’s Tight and It’s Gotta Be Right – Track It or Lack It!”

Has This Ever Happened to You?

“Never get hit with another penalty fee. Total accountability in the palm of your hand.”

What is the Problem?

Consider Lifes’ Milestones…

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  • First HomeBuying a new home (or refinancing your existing one) means a pile of paperwork and understanding your finances. Learn how the Debit Tracker can help you gain control.
  • First BabyA new baby brings a lot of joy… and the need to really control your budget. The Debit Tracker is the perfect tool to create financial literacy and maintain control of your money.
  • Elder CareHave elderly relatives who need help with their finances… but worried you can’t keep all the accounts organized? The Debit Tracker will eliminate your worries and help you keep track of up to 50 different accounts.
  • Side BusinessAre you running a side business or struggling to keep up with expense reports? The Debit Tracker is ideal for both. Learn how you can eliminate paperwork and stay organized with ease.

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Here’s the Debit Tracker unit and the accessories gift package…

Remember, the Debit Tracker System includes:

  • Hand-held Smart Register – Tracking is always at your finger tips.
  • Carrying Wallet – Custom designed to hold the unit and other important cards.
  • Receipt Tracker – Store every receipt,conveniently organized by category.
  • Bill Tracker – File monthly bills and statements with ease.
  • Life Tracker – Every critical document organized in a single durable folder.
  • Integrated Software – Seamlessly interface between the unit and your computer.
  • USB Stick – Conveniently and securely store and transfer data.

Your investment for this tool for better outcomes is $249.99 $149.99… a small price to pay to get out of debt and be on your way to financial control and success.

Debit Tracker Products

These products sold separately retail for $359.00 but are yours for your investment of $249.99 $149.99.

You’ll save over $100.00 $200.00!!

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