About The Company

At Debit Tracker Inc., we believe in economic behavior. We know that only behavior changes outcomes. If you want to change the economic outcomes of people, then you have to change their money behaviors first.

After researching and reading what a lot of the financial gurus had to say about household cash management, we felt that there was still a hole regarding the very specific actions you must take to help you achieve greater financial control. Plus there was a blind spot that was not being correctly identified. What we are talking about here is that human condition we all share – that we cannot manage what we cannot see. Plastic money, debit cards, credit cards, and other electronic forms of money transfers are for the most part invisible transactions, and precisely because they are invisible, they put our personal financial money management at risk.

Essentially, The Debit Tracker System is a financial organizing tracking system. It is built around one idea-habits. We believe that more than any other factor, our money habits create our reality and determine our financial destiny. And our money habits include how we habitually think about money and how we habitually handle money.

Therefore one of the first steps in our system is changing how you handle your money. In our system, the Debit Tracker keeps your money. That’s right! In our system you keep your most used debit or credit card inside your Debit Tracker unit. So when you reach for it you immediately see your current balance. Furthermore this is a reminder for you to track your spending. And if you forget to put your card back inside your Debit Tracker unit, the unit will start beeping to remind you to buckle up.

Our system is based on tracking your money. It is a lost behavior for many people, but tracking truly is the linchpin of financial success. The initial benefit of tracking is that you save money because you stay within your means. But the real benefit is that you begin a habit of financial awareness of seeing what you spend before you spend. And at the end of the day, it is our financial habits that will determine our financial destiny.

The Debit Tracker System combines knowledge with doing! As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do the thing and you shall have the power.” You cannot “get” self control or financial control; you practice them, and then you become them. And the doing is in the tracking; it is in the practicing; it is in the embedded financial principles in our system, and this is the real and permanent good habit building system which results in successful personal financial management.

Finally, we looked at what both the financial gurus and the behaviorists have said, and we bottled it, packaged it, and combined it with our own financial philosophy. Now you can have financial authority and be the CEO of your household, of your small business, and run them as successful businesses.

Reed Armstead