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Debit Tracker Releases New Smart Money Tracker – First of Its Kind

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Debit Tracker Releases New Smart Money Tracker – First of Its Kind Summary: The new Debit Tracker is a new product category, which is similar to an electronic checkbook but does much more. It is the first smart money tracker, an innovative hand-held unit that provides complete financial control, and has been released by Debit Tracker, Inc. The smart money tracker delivers real money control at the point of transaction and lets users develop sound financial habits and track up to 50 different accounts with over 1000 categories. For Immediate Release, Indianapolis, IN: Debit Tracker, Inc....

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Cashless Isn’t the Answer – You Need a Smart Checkbook Register

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With every passing year, society moves a step closer to being cashless. Online sales have spurred greater and greater use of plastic money (i.e. credit cards and debit cards). Payments through sites like PayPal exploded. Internet growth prompted traditional banks to allow customers greater online access to accounts to compete with virtual banks. Electronic fund transfers are the norm. Pay days are often handled by way of direct deposit. A cashless society may seem perfect, but there’s a big problem with it. You see, cash is personal. With cash in hand, there’s a greater feeling...

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