Why You Should Stop Using Your Old Checkbook Register

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Why You Should Stop Using Your Old Checkbook Register By Reed Armstead Banks used to give away a lot of things. Maybe you received a toaster for opening a new account, or you got another place setting of flatware for every deposit you made to your savings account. The one thing banks never hesitated to give away was the checkbook register. In some cases you even got a free cover to go with it. This was great in the era of one checking account, paper withdrawal slips, and payment by one carrier – the US Mail. But times have changed, and now we are in the era of multiple (and often...

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Cashless Isn’t the Answer – You Need a Smart Checkbook Register

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With every passing year, society moves a step closer to being cashless. Online sales have spurred greater and greater use of plastic money (i.e. credit cards and debit cards). Payments through sites like PayPal exploded. Internet growth prompted traditional banks to allow customers greater online access to accounts to compete with virtual banks. Electronic fund transfers are the norm. Pay days are often handled by way of direct deposit. A cashless society may seem perfect, but there’s a big problem with it. You see, cash is personal. With cash in hand, there’s a greater feeling...

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How Banks Make Money Off Your Bank Accounts

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Shopping has never been easier! From television infomercials to the Internet, there are limitless places to shop and pay with plastic without ever leaving your chair. However, this ease of spending money brings with it a huge headache: Unreliable balance reporting that may lead you to believe you have more money than you do. Banks have convinced us to rely on their electronic reporting of account balances and that the traditional checkbook register is passé. The problem is that your bank’s report of your balance is often wrong, falsely overstated, leading you to pay penalties and...

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How to Save Money and Lose Weight

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If you want to improve your financial outlook, you should track your money, and that includes both tracking where and how much you spend as well as tracking your balance. If you want to lose weight, you have to weigh yourself and track what you eat. It is a single action and a single choice. If you want to make any improvement or change any behavior, there is one thing you should do: track. Tracking is a personal accountability process of linking behaviors and actions towards goals. In other words, tracking, or measuring, shows you both a starting point and also demonstrates progress. As the...

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Saving Your Money: Insanity Vs Sanity

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Saving Your Money: Insanity Vs Sanity – The Step You Must Take to Change Financial Outcomes By Reed Armstead   Getting your financial house in order is always a good idea. If that is your goal, you have a lot of company! The challenge of any financial resolution is to break an old habit, start a new one or both. Failing to change your habits means you will be financially insane. There has never been a better time to get financially organized, create a rainy day fund, and take control of your money. It may sound challenging, and you may know from past experience that habits are hard to...

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