Debit Tracker Guarantee

This is a satisfaction guaranteed warranty that allows the purchaser of the Debit Tracker System to return the Debit Tracker System for any reason within 30 days of purchasing the Debit Tracker System. The Debit Tracker System includes all material items and products, namely the Debit Tracker electronic unit, the Receipt Tracker folder, the Bill Tracker folder, the Life Tracker folder, the USB cord, the USB memory device, and the wallet. The purchaser is expected to return the whole system in good working condition within 30 days if they desire to get a refund for their purchase of the Debit Tracker System. Debit Tracker is not responsible for any products lost in the mail or that do not arrive within the 30 day return policy as stated here. Upon the expiration of the 30-day period purchaser will have had to have purchased the Debit Tracker Product Replacement Insurance to receive an exchange of the unit.

What To Do If Unit Requires Replacement:

The purchaser needs to send an email to and explain the problem. You will be directed to return the product and their receipt in a secure container to the address below.

Debit Tracker Inc.

C/O Product Return Dept.

1427 W. 86th Street

Suite 615

Indianapolis, Indiana 46260