Debit Tracker Offers ALL the Features You Need

 The new Debit Tracker System is much more than an electronic gadget. Its rich features provide you with everything you need to take control of your finances from the palm of your hand and also integrate with your computer. Most importantly, we offer a help desk expert – a live person who is there to walk you through setting up your unit, software integration and basic operations. Your purchase entitles you to 60 minutes of direct product help.

 Your Debit Tracker System includes:

  • Debit Tracker Unit: Palm-sized unit for complete financial control.
  • Smart Wallet: Easily keep your unit with you at all times and includes a convenient ID and card holder as well.
  • Receipt Tracker Organizing Folder: Keep in your car or purse for immediate organization of your receipts, including ATM/bank receipts as well as purchase receipts.*
  • Bill Tracker Organizing Folder: Organize your monthly household bills and statements in a single durable folder.*
  • Life Tracker Organizing Folder: Store your most important documents (like birth certificates, insurance policy, mortgage papers, etc.), so you can always find them when you need them.*
  • USB recharging cord: Recharge your unit’s lithium rechargeable battery right from your computer. (To charge via outlet, USB adaptor must be purchased separately.)
  • USB drive: Includes the Debit Tracker software and helpful video tutorials.

*Include suggestions for categories and documents.

 Your Debit Tracker Unit (and corresponding software):

  • Tracks 10 checking accounts.
  • Tracks 10 cash accounts.
  • Tracks 20 credit card accounts.
  • Tracks 10 savings accounts.
  • Provides Bill Alerts – never miss another payment!
  • Provides Budget Alerts – keep your spending on track with your budget.
  • Tracks mileage – easy to track for reimbursement and write-off.
  • Tracks over 1000 categories and subcategories.
  • Gives you 3 extra categories for you to customize and design to meet your individual needs.
  • Provides a display of all income and expenses by category, vendor, and person via the History Function.
  • Includes password security function to protect your personal data.
  • Tracks automatic savings.
  • Tracks tithing.
  • Is totally secure: Your information is not shared with any institution or in the cloud but is stored within the unit and on your computer.
  • Helps you develop the ultimate habit toward money control by manually tracking your spending.
  • Provides daily motivational quotations.
  • Includes a security alarm to remind you to store your debit/credit card in the unit – critical to building the smart money habit.
  • Can export certain data files (via standard .CSV [comma separated value]) so you can open and view in most spreadsheet applications.

The Debit Tracker allows you to view and print important reports:

  • Bill Alert reports
  • Budget reports
  • Income/Expense reports
  • Expense Account reports
  • Transaction History reports
  • Mileage Tracking reports

In addition to managing your personal finances, the Debit Tracker system is ideal for those running side or home-based businesses. You can do it all with the Debit Tracker, and it is designed to manage up to four separate businesses. Its powerful features for business management include:

  • Customer tracking
  • Vendor tracking
  • Product tracking
  • Sales tracking
  • Invoice creation and tracking
  • Customer statement creation and tracking
  • Business expense tracking
  • Profit/Loss statement creation and tracking for tax purposes
  • Sales tax tracking
  • Customer list creation and storage, including all contact information
  • Vendor list creation and storage, including all contact information
  • Product information creation and storage
  • Inventory tracking and inventory report creation
  • Business check  printing

Finally, the most important feature we offer is your accountability partner. No other app or software provides this critical element to success. Your accountability partner will be there to help you set up your Bill Alerts and create a budget… and will be there to help ensure you stick to it and truly take control of your money, challenging you to build the smart money habits you need!* However, because of the extent of our commitment to this function, space is limited and we cannot offer this to every Debit Tracker customer. Contact us for more information and to determine if you qualify for a Debit Tracker accountability partner.

*Debit Tracker Accountability Partners assist with personal, but not business, finances.

 Don’t wait to take advantage of all of the features the Debit Tracker system offers. It’s unlike any other financial app or software available. Start taking control today with your own Debit Tracker Choose Money Control.


The Debit Tracker System includes:

  • Hand-held Smart Register – Tracking is always at your finger tips.
  • Carrying Wallet – Custom designed to hold the unit and other important cards.
  • Receipt Tracker – Store every receipt,conveniently organized by category.
  • Bill Tracker – File monthly bills and statements with ease.
  • Life Tracker – Every critical document organized in a single durable folder.
  • Integrated Software – Seamlessly interface between the unit and your computer.
  • USB Stick – Conveniently and securely store and transfer data.

Your investment for this tool for better outcomes is $249.99 $149.99… a small price to pay to get out of debt and be on your way to financial control and success.

Debit Tracker Products

These products sold separately retail for $359.00 but are yours for your investment of $249.99 $149.99.

You’ll save over $100.00 $200.00!!

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