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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, But Financial Control Does…

You’ll get a FREE copy of Good Habits, Good Life! 5 Habits to Build Wealth One Step at a Time, by Reed Armstead when you purchase the Debit Tracker.
There’s a proven connection between financial control and happiness: According to the study conducted by Jean Chatzky and cited in her book, The Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness, unhappiness stems from a lack of control over money, not the amount. Stated another way: You can be a billionaire but won’t truly be happy if you aren’t in control of your money.
Good Habits, Good Life! is a must-read for anyone who truly wants to gain financial control, escape debt and build wealth. You’ll understand what changes the banks have made to booby trap your accounts and what you can do to escape the Catch-22 debt cycle that comes with overdraft fees and penalties.
Plus, you’ll learn the psychology behind certain spending behaviors. For example, studies have proven that your brain actually reacts differently when you spend with plastic rather than cash. There are ways to counter that reaction to give you the convenience of plastic but the results of cash. And you’ll learn how to use Kaizen – the secret ingredient for achieving financial control.
You’ll also discover the five “immutable laws of money.” The first is creating order and an awareness of where your money goes. The next is tracking and spending less than you bring in. Goal setting is the third law of money and is often overlooked. Armstead explained, “Trying to save just to have money doesn’t work. You must have goals for which you are saving. Progress toward a goal is very measurable and objective. Measuring is what drives success.” (And measuring is so easy with the Debit Tracker unit!)
Building wealth, or paying yourself first is the fourth law of money, and the last is fiscal defense – a budget. Again, you’ll learn the expense categories that must be accounted for in your budget as well as ideas for budgeting that are easier than many financial gurus suggest. Building a budget is easy with the Debit Tracker.
Good Habits, Good Life! 5 Habits to Build Wealth One Step at a Time works in conjunction with your Debit Tracker. You’ll quickly see that the principles and behaviors covered in the book are far easier to apply when you use your Debit Tracker!
The combination of the Debit Tracker and Good Habits, Good Life! is truly what you need to understand and gain control of your money. The financial life you dream about can be yours.

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