Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How long should I first charge my unit?
  2. We recommend charging no longer than four hours the first time. Plug the supplied USB cable into your unit and then into the USB slot on your computer (PC), Your computer must be on for the unit to charge.

  3. Can I charge the unit without being connected to a computer?
  4. Yes, you can. You will need to purchase a mini USB / AC wall adaptor (not included). These are sold at electronic retail stores or can be purchased online.

  5. How do I upload/download data to my computer or to my Debit Tracker handheld unit?
  6. You must first connect your unit to your computer with the supplied USB cord. Next, you must both open the Debit Tracker Virtual Software on your computer and also open your Debit Tracker handheld unit. Then you must select the “Settings” key on your handheld unit and then select “4.) PC Communication” and hit enter. Now you can select upload or download to your Virtual Software on your computer. If a dialog box opens on your computer asking you to format a disk, please select cancel and ignore the “format disk” message.

  7. How do I put in account balances?
  8. First, select which account you are using: Do this on the upper left side of the handheld unit or the Virtual Software window on your computer. (Check-10, Cash-10, CR. Card-20, Savings-10) Next go to upper corner on the far right side and use the scroll key (arrow down) to scroll down to the command “Adjust Balance.” Press enter and put in your current balance amount.

  9. How do I change the default account?
  10. Select the “Settings” key, choose command “Change default account,” and hit enter. Then you will see all four account types (checking, cash, credit cards, savings). Select which account type you want, and it will display all of the accounts listed for the particular account type. You can then select which account and hit enter. This will become your new default account.

  11. How do I change my account names?
  12. Select the “Settings” key, scroll to the command, “Change account name” and hit enter. Then you will see all four account types (checking, cash, credit cards, savings). Choose the account type of the account you wish to change and hit enter. Select the particular account you want to change and hit enter. Under “change name to” type in the new name and hit enter. Note if your new name is too long, the unit will stop showing the type, thus letting you know the name is too long.

  13. How do I add, edit or delete categories?
  14. Answer: Select the category and then select the command, “Change Categories” and press enter. Next you will see a screen with three options: Add Category, Edit Category, Delete Category. If you add a category it will be added the end of that subcategory list. If you edit a category then you are changing one of the default categories to your personalized category. We urge you to personalize your Debit Tracker in the beginning by changing (editing) the default categories. Of course, delete means you are getting rid of the category.

  15. How do I set up Credit Cards?
  16. First select the credit card from the upper left corner where the accounts are shown (Cr. Card-20) and select which credit card you want to set up. Next, use the arrow down key and scroll down to “Set Credit Limit.” Press the enter key and enter your credit limit. If you currently have a balance on your credit card, scroll up to “Adjust balance” and press enter. Then you must select the minus sign located on the lower right side of the unit and enter in the amount. For example, if the credit card has a balance of $300.00 (this means you owe and have spent $300.00), then you must enter this balance amount as “-300.00.”

  17. My credit card balance and available credit is not correct?
  18. Credit card balances must be entered as negative amounts. Why? Because a balance means you are in debt to the credit card company; therefore, when setting up a balance, you must put the minus sign in front of the amount. The minus sign is located on the lower right corner of the unit. Simply press that and put in the amount. (For example, if your credit card balance is $158.00 [i.e. you owe $158.00), enter it as -158.00 when setting up that account. Also, if you fail to put in the credit card limit first, this will cause an incorrect balance.)

  19. How do I set up time and date on unit?
  20. Select the “Settings” key and then select time and date. Be certain to enter this accurately because it will be tied to the historical data on your unit. You will use both the vertical scroll (located at the top right side of the unit) and the horizontal scroll (triangles located at the bottom right side of the unit) to enter this information. Enter “Set Date” and use the vertical scroll arrow keys to enter the month. Next, use the horizontal scroll keys (indicated as the multiplication or division keys at the bottom) to toggle to the next field (date). Once again, use the vertical scroll keys to select the proper date, and then repeat the process to set the year.

    You will use the same process to set the time: Vertical scroll keys change the numbers; horizontal scroll keys move to the next field.

  21. What is your guarantee or warranty?
  22. We provide a 30 day money back guarantee.


Remember, the Debit Tracker System includes:

  • Hand-held Smart Register – Tracking is always at your finger tips.
  • Carrying Wallet – Custom designed to hold the unit and other important cards.
  • Receipt Tracker – Store every receipt,conveniently organized by category.
  • Bill Tracker – File monthly bills and statements with ease.
  • Life Tracker – Every critical document organized in a single durable folder.
  • Integrated Software – Seamlessly interface between the unit and your computer.
  • USB Stick – Conveniently and securely store and transfer data.

Your investment for this tool for better client outcomes and greater profits is $249.95… a small price to pay to help your clients get out of debt and on their way to financial control and success.

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