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Introducing the new Debit Tracker –
The first smart money tracker of its kind!
As easy to use as an ATM and helps you build smart money habits.

Tracking your money is the key to getting out of debt, and the Debit Tracker along with our financial coaching and legal programs will help you form smart money habits, create tangible outcomes, build wealth and create the life you want.

Your financial habits create your financial destiny.
Change your spending behavior, and you’ll change your life.

Gold: The Debit Tracker System
More than an electronic checkbook register, the innovative Debit Tracker is an entire system that enables you to build smart money habits – starting with the most important one: Tracking. And Debit Tracker makes tracking as easy as using an ATM! Plus you can track ALL of your accounts.… not just a single bank account or credit card… all from the palm of your hand.

Platinum: Financial Wellness Coaching
There are two kinds of people – those who control their money and those whose money controls them. With our Platinum Plan, you’ll get the complete Debit Tracker system plus the one-on-one telephone coaching you need to overcome financial chaos and the stress that comes with it. You’ll learn what you need to eliminate debt, develop better spending habits, improve your savings, plan for retirement and take total control of your money. This is affordable, reality-based coaching with real and tangible outcomes achieved.

Platinum Plus: Legal Access / Simple Will / Identity Theft Protection
90% of the population has an unmet need for legal advice. Even worse, an alarming number of people don’t have a will. In both cases, it happens because it seems unaffordable. It’s not. When you sign up for our Platinum Plus Plan, you’ll get the Debit Tracker system and all the benefits of the Financial Wellness Coaching PLUS free access for legal referrals when needs arise. Additionally, you’ll receive a basic will to protect your loved ones as well as Identity Theft coverage to protect your personal identity, credit rating, financial security and legal integrity.

When you combine this best-selling smart money tracker and our affordable financial coaching and legal programs, you overcome the hurdles of money management and can be on your way to eliminating debt and gaining the peace of mind that comes with total financial control. Create the life you want for you and your family.

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