Build Smart Money Habits | Debit Tracker

Tracking is the #1 smart money habit for building wealth and regaining control of your finances.  Learn how with the debit tracker!

When money is tight and it has to be right-Track it or Lack it!

If you’re tired of:

  • Struggling with bills every month
  • Never knowing your balance
  • Hidden bank fees and penalties
  • Juggling credit and debit cards with unknown balances
  • The stress and worry of debt

You have to Track it or Lack it! But you can’t track what you can’t see. The Debit Tracker solves that problem-you keep ALL your balances right in the palm of your hand.

Banks have lured us into an unending stream of fees and overdraft penalties with the convenience of debit cards…because it boosts their bottom lines!  Today’s financial complexity makes it almost impossible to keep up with your account balances, but knowing your balance is the single most important step to eliminating debt and building wealth. That is exactly why we created the Debit Tracker System.

Every financial guru agrees that you must track your spending.  It is the first step in taking financial control…the control that leads you out of debt and into wealth.  With the Debit Tracker, tracking is as easy as using an ATM.  Because it’s so easy, you’ll discover that you’ll begin to change your spending behavior and building the smart money habits you need to save and build wealth.  When you change your habits, you’ll change your life.

You will gain:

  • Financial Control
  • Peace of Mind
  • Easy accountability of your balances
  • Greater Savings

The hand-held smart register lets you track up to 50 different accounts! Plus it offers over 1500 sub-categories, so you can pinpoint every expense.  With Debit Tracker, you say good-bye to overdraft penalties and bank fees.

Electronic banking is supposed to be convenient and end the need to track your balances, but you have multiple accounts and there are always delays in reporting- factors that quickly lead to overdraft fees.  Because you store your debit or credit card in this one-of-a-kind smart register, it’s easy to enter all of your transactions…at the precise moment you make them.

All of your balances…all in one place…all in real time. Debit Tracker.


Track IT or Lack IT!

The Debit Tracker…and your solution to eliminating debt and building wealth…is only $249.95  It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind and happiness that come with financial control.  Like I said, the Debit Tracker is not an electronic gadget-it’s a behavior change catalyst that let’s you take control of your spending…and your money.  You can change your financial destiny for $249.95.


For A Limited Time Only You Receive 5 Incredible Bonuses!!!

Bonus #1 :: The Receipt Tracker

While tracking is the #1 step in taking financial control, we know organization is also important, so we designed the entire Debit Tracker system with that in mind. You’ll also get the Receipt Tracker-a purse-or pocket-sized folder to store all your receipts.  With built-in categories and dividers, you can effortlessly file your receipts and find them when you need them. Yes! I want to get my finances organized.

Bonus #2 :: The Bill Tracker

You’ll also get the Bill Tracker. We know there’s more to your finances than your debit card expenses – utility bills, rent or mortgage payments, phone bills, car payments, credit card and bank statements – so you’ll get the Bill Tracker to easily organize all of your monthly bills in a single convenient folder. Of course, you’ll be tracking these bills and due dates in the Debit Tracker unit, but the Bill Tracker lets you keep track of your paper statements too. Yes! I want to get my finances organized.

Bonus #3 :: The Life Tracker

In addition to the unit, the wallet and the Receipt and Bill Trackers, you’ll also get the Life Tracker! We consulted with financial experts when we designed the Debit Tracker system, and all agreed that this type of file is priceless. The Life Tracker lets you organize all of your critical records in a single place: Mortgage agreements, Home purchase documents and insurance records, Life insurance policies, Health insurance policies and records, Tax records, Car purchase information, insurance policies, Major purchase receipts … every important document you have! And we’ve already done the hard work for you by designing categories and sections in a durable folder, so organizing is a snap, and you’ll always be able to find exactly what you need. Yes! I want to get my life organized.

Bonus #4 :: Interfaced Computer Software

In addition, you’ll receive the software for your computer that seamlessly interfaces with your Debit Tracker System. With this, you’ll easily be able to find exactly what you need: Transaction Histories ,Budgets ,Bill Alerts ,Income/Expense, Account Reconciliation, Appointments, and To-Do Lists.  Yes! I want to get started taking complete financial control!

Bonus #5 :: USB Drive

You get a convenient USB drive that stores your Debit Tracker Information. You can easily share your financial records with your accountant, financial advisor, or tax preparer when needed. You know that digital security breaches occur daily. Now you can take control of your finances and your own security. Yes! The Debit Tracker is my solution! All this for only $249.95!!! Supplies are limited, so order today!!

Special Bonus :: Small Business Software

If you are running a small business, the Debit Tracker System has even more to offer you. We’ve integrated a complete small business accounting package right into the system software! No need to purchase additional software to manage your business. You can: track customers, products, and inventory, track vendors and payments, create and track invoices, monitor payments and refunds, create sales and profit/loss reports, track your assets and liabilities, and easily manage your small business while on the go!!! Yes! I want the Debit Tracker system for my small business!