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Financial Control Can Be Yours!

You’ve taken the first step to gaining financial control. Tracking your money leads to financial control, and you are about to discover how easy tracking can be.

With the Debit Tracker – the first smart money register of its kind – you can say goodbye to the booby traps that are in your bank account and eliminate bank penalties and overdraft fees. You can be on your way to getting out of debt and creating the financial freedom you dream about.

Get rid of:

Monthly bank statement hassles.

Embarrassment that comes with declined credit cards.

Worry about your bank balance when you swipe your debit card.

Financial Chaos

The Debit Tracker is the perfect tool to change your financial behavior. In small, easy steps, you will see how simple tracking becomes, and once you establish that good money habit, budgeting and total financial control fall into place.

If you can use an ATM, you can use the Debit Tracker.

Debit Tracker unit

This one-of-a-kind smart register provides complete financial control.

The Debit Tracker System includes:

  • Hand-held Smart Register – Tracking is always at your finger tips.
  • Carrying Wallet – Custom designed to hold the unit and other important cards.
  • Receipt Tracker – Store every receipt, conveniently organized by category.
  • Bill Tracker – File monthly bills and statements with ease.
  • Life Tracker – Every critical document organized in a single durable folder.
  • Integrated Software – Seamlessly interface between the unit and your computer.
  • USB Stick – Conveniently and securely store and transfer data.

Debit Tracker Products

Your investment to gain financial control and build the life you want is $249.95… a small price to pay to help you get out of debt and on your way to total financial control.

These products sold separately retail for $359.00 but are yours for your investment of $249.95.

You’ll save over $100.00!!

Yes! I understand how the Debit Tracker can help me gain financial control and build the life I want.

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