What People Are Saying About the Debit Tracker

No More Overdrafts or Late Fees…

I really like the Debit Tracker system because I no longer get hit with overdrafts or late fees. Before using it, I was a magnet for penalty fees but the Debit Tracker changed all of that. Plus it allows me to keep up with my money and all of the things I need to run my financial life. And I really like the organizational folders. I have kids and the Life Tracker allows me to organize where I keep things like their birth certificates, immunization records and school documents etc. And the Receipt Tracker allows me to keep receipts because when you have kids you have to return things and it’s easy to lose receipts. I am also in the process of starting a side business and I will need to be able to provide estimates, invoicing and I will need to file taxes on my business at the end of the year. The Debit Tracker system allows me to run my personal life and my business. Now I feel like I am in control and I feel more confident in my personal finances because I tracked it. I will never go back to not tracking my money.

Genell Thrasher

Help with My Small Business Accounting Needs…

My reason for purchasing the Debit Tracker system was to help me organize my small business accounting needs. I own and manage several rental properties and therefore I am responsible for collecting rents from tenants, the maintenance of properties and paying taxes. Before I had the Debit Tracker, I was losing money because of lack of organization. I often lost maintenance receipts or forgot to file them during tax season and so I lost money because I was not able to file for the tax deductions.
In addition, at tax time I spent hours upon hours trying to organize my receipts and records. Now with the Debit Tracker I can just print off my Profit and Loss statement and expense reports in less than a minute and give it to my accountant. Plus, now I will save money because my bookkeeping is already organized and done.
Also the Debit Tracker lets me see who owes me and I can send out customer statements regarding their payment history. But one of the biggest benefits to me is that I now can see my real balance in every account I have. I now have control over my personal economy, things like household bills, my kids’ college tuition, kids’ allowances, even the cash I gave them for going to the movies. And what’s really great is, all I had to do was one thing—track and the Debit Tracker does the rest.

Kirby Wood