What is Debit Tracker?

The Debit Tracker is a new financial management system. The Debit Tracker acts like your financial advisor designed into an electronic checkbook…the first smart bank register that fits in your pocket.

As a company, we believe, that your financial habits determine your financial destiny. Therefore, the Debit Tracker combines financial good habits and positive self talk right into it’s programs, so it really helps you while encouraging you to reach your financial goals.

The Debit Tracker keeps you ahead of the game, by separating fact from fiction and providing you with your critical account balance information at the point of temptation. Where is this point of temptation? It is in the market place, at the point of transaction, where you are tempted to make an impulse purchase while guessing at what you have left on your debit card or credit cards. With the Debit Tracker there is no more guessing and no more overdraft surprises, but rather eye-opening, life changing, personal, financial information right at your finger tips.

If you want financial control
then you want the Debit Tracker to help you at the point of temptation.