Why the Debit Tracker?

We’ve Got Some Great Reasons You Should Choose the Debit Tracker!

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Are You Sure You Know Your Account Balance?
Your Bank Doesn’t Want You To.
Your debit card swipes aren’t posted immediately and the checks you write may take days to clear. Recurring payments are easy to forget… until it’s too late and you’re hit with another penalty. And you make pay some bills at the biller’s site directly, not through your bank. Automated banking gives you a false positive about your balance, and that leads to overdraft fees and penalties… more money for the bank. Less money for you.
If you don’t track your spending, you will believe you have more money in your account than you do. It’s called a false positive. You can avoid false positives and overdraft fees with the Debit Tracker.
Look at the example below to see how easily false positives can occur:

You Can Buy Your Own Debit Tracker Now!

Remember, the Debit Tracker System includes:

  • Hand-held Smart Register – Tracking is always at your finger tips.
  • Carrying Wallet – Custom designed to hold the unit and other important cards.
  • Receipt Tracker – Store every receipt,conveniently organized by category.
  • Bill Tracker – File monthly bills and statements with ease.
  • Life Tracker – Every critical document organized in a single durable folder.
  • Integrated Software – Seamlessly interface between the unit and your computer.
  • USB Stick – Conveniently and securely store and transfer data.

Your investment for this tool for better outcomes is $249.99 $149.99… a small price to pay to get out of debt and be on your way to financial control and success.

Debit Tracker Products

These products sold separately retail for $359.00 but are yours for your investment of $249.99 $149.99.

You’ll save over $100.00 $200.00!!

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